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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Linsanity Invades The Kings

The New York Knicks have now won 5 straight games since acquiring point guard Jeremy Lin, and he has been the reason for the Knicks stunning turnaround, motivating a otherwise depleted team of all-stars, scoring at will and getting others their shoot is what has catapulted the Knicks back from almost sure storage for most fans. The Sacramento Kings know what they are going to face, the question is who will stop Lin and slow the team down, but the youngsters on the Kings are full of optimism after an impressive win over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Sacramento Kings have found a new found reason to play, it is simple, to win! They have made some early changes like firing coach Flip Sounders, basically telling young center DeMarcus Cousins that he is the backbone of the team and it must be lead by him. He is currently averaging 15.8 points, 11.3 rebounds and 1.3 blocks a game while sophomore Tyreke Evans leads the team in assists with 5.1 and 1.6 steals a game while also putting up 17 points a game as well. The Kings currently rank on the lower side of the spectrum in offense as well as defense, 24th and 28th respectfully.

The New York Knicks after only winning 2 of their last 15 games, they picked up free agent point guard Jeremy Lin and have not looked back yet; winning their last 5 games has brought the fans back out of hiding, pushing them back up from the lower ends of the eastern conference. The Knicks still lead by high scorer Carmelo Anthony, who is averaging 22.3 points a game, while new addition Tyson Chandler leads the team in rebounding and blocks, with 9.9 and 1.3 accordingly. The Knicks rank 14th in the league in both offense as well as defense, but are having problems in the paint, ranking 21st in rebounding and 23rd overall in assists.

This game will be different, the Kings have had time to watch tapes of Lin´s plays and have worked hard at defending his attacks while sticking with the outside man. I like the Sacramento Kings in this game to pull the upset and show the world that the Knicks are not invincible and the same issues they had before Lin, rebounding and ball handling are still there. The Knicks will have to protect the ball and have someone else step up and become another threat on the perimeter, without that, they are a team full of big names that all want their shots and points and that is where the internal issues begin.

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